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7 Tips to Help You Stay Digitally Relevant doing what you're already doing, with a twist

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Don't look at it as just a bunch of graphics,

it's a visual marketing process

It was less than 40 years ago that graphic artists were actually dipping pens into ink and sticking images on boards to create "camera ready" artwork for ads, signs, packaging… well, everything. Now fast-forward to today where any 14 year-old kid can shoot, edit and publish high-end graphics using just their phone. Yet you and your company still have to pay thousands of dollars to reluctantly adapt your sales imagery to current market expectations. Something's wrong here.

Remember all the money you paid and the countless hours of production you put in to build your website? Unfortunately (and annoyingly), with the lightning speeds upon which technology is pushing media trends your expensive website may already be outdated. I'll bet your sales people have been telling you that. The good news is that your overall website may not be so important anymore.

Super Internet gurus aren't even wasting time and money on websites. They're just using fancy shopping software, cool apps, special landing pages and social media platforms. However, if you're in business you still need to make your "Internet footprint" and maintain a website, but its overall marketing importance has changed.

Here are seven basic tips you can use to stay ahead of the Internet marketing power curve that don't require you to change your sales practices or rebuild your website—again.

We’ll just show you.
Here's how a company called LésAvi used these Seven Tools to create a winning sales process for their Sleep Better campaign.

Tip 1
This statement is timeless –
make a strong first impression
Send emails with a little life in them and always be building your brand.

It's estimated that 149,513 emails are sent every minute with over 269 billion sent every day. The average business person and office worker receives 121+ emails every day. Can you believe that?

Today's email software offers rich media options, so make your emails stand out. Add a few brand-building graphics and put in an easy-to-follow enticement link. With a tempting link button your prospects can go right to what you're offering easily and quickly. It's a strange phenomenon, when people see a button they feel compelled to click it – give them one. By linking them to additional information you don't have to write a thousand-word description in your email. Remember, they're getting hundreds of emails a day, keep yours quick and easy.

This LésAvi sample email uses a header that matches their campaign imagery and includes an easy-to-see link button that sends the reader to more information. The email also has their logo brand prominently used in the signature. Short and sweet.

Tip 2
Don't send them home yet,
give them a fulfilling experience first
Don't make the mistake of sending them to your website right away.

Here are 5 reasons why people "bounce out" when sending them to your website right away:
1) Too many distractions. They were interested in your offer then were faced with a confusing menu of options—bounce.
2) They had to work too hard to find the information they came for—bounce.
3) Your Home Page was old-looking and cumbersome—bounce.
4) There wasn't a clear next step to follow—bounce.
5) It wasn't mobile friendly—bounce out!

Think of it like telling a joke. Sometimes the joke is in the telling, not so much the punchline, but if you have both an appealing delivery and satisfying conclusion then the joke will be a success. You've caught the interest of your prospective customer, now you have to make them want it. Send them first to a landing page.

Sending them to a simple landing page will eliminate the possibility of falling into one of those five common website pitfalls and will keep them engaged, active and their curiosity peaked.

Here's the landing page LésAvi uses. It makes a good impression, maintains the brand, presents the offer simply, highlights the Call to Action (CTA) and is produced to load quickly.

Tip 3
They asked for more details,
don't follow-up with text
They're ready – send them your impressive, media-rich digital brochure. Now that's different.

You went through all that work to turn your cold prospects into real warm leads then you lost them by, again, sending them to your website or sending a text-rich PDF file or worse, mailing them a paper brochure—really?

In all fairness there's nothing like a well-produced brochure to strengthen your image and sell your wares. Unfortunately they cost way too much, kill trees and have to be delivered in person or snail mailed. Produce a digital brochure and link them to it immediately (with your new email link button). It may become the best and most versatile tool in your sales arsenal.

This LésAvi eBrochure sample was used to follow up on Free Sample inquiries made by their prospects. It offers a visual experience that builds credibility, makes the offer in an entertaining way and introduces their entire line of products … and it has that cool page-turning swishing sound.

Tip 4
Is it a social pain in the butt or
is it a social gold mine?
With just a few brand-matching images and enticing places to link visitors, you're golden.

Social media visitors will give you about 3 seconds, and if you don't engage with them right away, they're gone. The first thing they look at is your header and profile imagery, so grab them with a cool look and a tantalizing statement. After that it's up to your social media management, but at the very least get them to stay a while and look.

Make sure to maintain your company's brand imagery in your page header. Making it obvious to visitors who you are, what you do or what you offer builds continuity which enforces confidence. You're putting in all that work to build your brand in emails, brochures, advertising and website—make sure your social platforms follow suit. Remember, new visitors may not go past this initial view, so make sure you do it well, and make it memorable.

Here's how LésAvi continued their brand imagery and market positioning on their Facebook page.

Tip 5
Since you've gotten their attention
link them to a promo page
A promo page is another type of landing page that makes the pitch and closes the sale. It's used mostly in support of advertisements, social media marketing and your interest-enforcing landing pages.

The difference between the landing pages used in your email communications and a promo page is all the metadata incorporated in its coding to enhance your advertising efforts. These are simple, direct and Search Engine Ready (SEO) pages.

Promo pages sell the sizzle, ask for the sale and offer simple and direct ways to get the order. They don't necessarily have to be short and quick because visitors to this page have already been enticed so they're interested. Now they need a little nudging to make the order. Sometimes that requires explanations, answering questions and letting them know why they need it.

Here's a promo page LésAvi produced to support advertising, social media posts and Google ads for their Free Sample campaign.

Tip 6
A picture is worth a thousand words,
but videos are worth a hundred thousand
Link a video from your emails, social pages, landing pages and digital brochures.

Videos can deliver quite a bit of information in less than a minute. More than 60% of companies marketing on the Internet are using videos and over 80% of them feel that videos are providing a great ROI.

Videos don't need to be high-cost Hollywood productions; remember that 14 year-old kid with a fancy cell phone? If he can do it so can you. A simple video can do many things; they can explain difficult concepts, bring messages to life, build trust, encourage social shares and since Google owns YouTube you're much more likely show up higher on searches if you have a video embedded in your pages.

LésAvi used this simple low production video on their promo page to explain a difficult concept that increased their click rate by almost 600%.

Tip 7
You no longer have to guess
data analytics will tell all
Make sure you put in analytics codes into every one of your web pages.

It used to be that the only way to tell if your promotional campaign worked was if you got orders. With data analytics you can know everything about your campaign – was it viewed, how much time was spent viewing, when was it viewed, what actions were taken and a lot more.

Your marketing support staff (or you) can use data analytics to fine-tune your campaigns and turn real-time information into action. Knowing the minute-by-minute performance cycles of your promotional efforts will help you to save a ton of time and money, and ultimately make more sales.

Always include the special analytics codes in your landing pages, videos and websites so that you can review the activity analytics and no longer wonder if it's working.

Here's a sample of just some of the analytic information LésAvi received from one of their landing page promotions.

Here are your seven tips to help you stay digitally relevant:

1)  Make a strong first impression

Send emails with a little life in them and always be building your brand.

2)  Give them a fulfilling experience first

Don't make the mistake of sending prospects to your website right away.

3)  Don't follow-up with text

They're ready – send them your impressive, media-rich digital brochure.

4)  It's a social gold mine

With just a few well-placed brand matching images and enticing places to link visitors, your social efforts will be golden.

5)  First link them to a promo page

Support your advertisements, social media and email marketing with a promo page that makes the pitch and closes the sale.

6) Videos are worth a hundred thousand words

Link a video from your emails, social pages, landing pages and digital brochures.

7)  Data analytics will tell all

Make sure you put in analytics codes into every one of your web pages.

By incorporating these seven simple tools into your promotional routines and campaigns you will project a powerful and trustworthy first impression, streamline your sales efforts and make those grumbling sales people happy and re-energized… and you didn't have to rebuild your website again, nice.

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