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We're Your In-House Art Department

We like to call ourselves your In-House Art Department because that's what we are – TapTheLINK is the in-house graphics department for the and all its Hero Stores. They pay us a reasonable wage for the services we offer. However, because we built it all using our own streamlined system of design management we find we have a few hours a day to play darts and just hang around annoying each other. So we had an idea.

We will offer our services to you at the same wage rates as we get in our formal gig. This way you can get design work, video production, web coding, you name it, as if you had your own in-house team. Then when the projects are completed, you let us go. No big agency fees, no payroll headaches and no hard feelings. You get experienced professionals working under a management hierarchy of marketing directors, creative directors, art directors, and graphics specialists—all experts in their fields—producing exactly what you need. We'll store your files and when you need us again, just TapTheLINK.

We've been providing marketing and graphics services internationally for over 40 years. We've gone from pen and paper, through the digital shift and into our instant gratification web world. We've not only thrived through it all but successfully paved the way for our clients. We'll gladly share our knowledge, skills and money-saving solutions with you.