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Display your company's sales, promotional campaigns and catalogs online in a new and impressive way. Expand your audience beyond just expensive paper brochures and web pages to cell phones, tablets, desktops and easily deliver an accessible high quality promotional experience. Transform your static presentations and documents into attractive publications that can be shared online to anywhere in the world at the tap of a link. Like others, your Digital Brochure may end up being the best marketing tool you've ever had and at a price you can very much afford.

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Digital Brochures give you unlimited Free use

Let your sales staff go crazy. Send out your Digital Brochure to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Hit every lead, referral and acquaintance – don't worry it's all FREE!

Easily keep your Digital Brochure current

Want to update or change something? No problem. We'll seamlessly work it in and it will automatically update all the eBrochures you already distributed.

Digital Brochures are easy to use

No need to make your customers download an app or program. They just tap the link and they have it. It's super easy for you too. You can use your current—email, social media, website—the very second you get it you'll be sending it out.

Digital Brochures are totally interactive

You can add video, audio, animation, links and more. You can even add excitement with on-the-spot purchasing and ordering. Your paper brochure can't do that. Your eBrochure does it easily. It will make your sales message come alive.

Digital Brochures take the guesswork out

With customized analytics coding you'll know if they saw it, when they saw it and what they saw. No more guessing when to follow up. Now you're in control.

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We get most of our Digital Brochure orders from the customers of our clients after seeing their Digital Brochure. Basically they say, "Wow, where did you get this done? I want one." and our clients proudly respond with confidence in the referral, "Just TapTheLINK."