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A Marketing Director will develop a Design Plan to make your 7 Tools Package more targeted and manageable.

From the Design Plan a Creative Director will craft the appropriate graphic direction and market positioning.

Continuity will be managed by an Art Director and produced by their team of Designers, Copywriters, Production Artists, Video Editors and Web Programmers.

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"Every time I hand out one of my old printed brochures I'm thinking, there goes another $7. Every time I look in the storage closet and see thousands of outdated $7 brochures I think … what a waste. No More! Now I email out my digital brochures like water and have zero in outdated inventory. Thank you for the freedom and peace-of-mind."

Chris Blackmore, MOC, Disney Entertainer

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"We use all of it every day—Emails, Welcome Pages, Social Posts, eBrochures, all of it—it's always amazing to see what great designs you come up with. For the price you offer, I can make five of them for what I paid for just one of our old, outdated web page. THANK YOU!"

Roxana Markey, Social Media Director

"My company is 20 years old but my factory is not so … impressive-looking. The way my campaign and eBrochure presents us, wow! I look as awesome, trustworthy and respectable as we really are. It really comes across. I can't believe you don't charge more, you totally could ... but I'm glad you don't."

Jaime Bonilla, Manufacturer

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